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Cubic Digital is a futuristic agency that offers growth-centric digital marketing solutions to businesses around the globe. With more than a decade of experience and a solid client base across the world, we are known for formulating proven and tailor-made SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, Content Development, and Content Marketing services.

We believe in growth-focused culture and a result-oriented approach, which is driven by our vibrant team of digital marketers. Our profound team of SEOs, content writers and digital marketers have made our growth possible and day by day we are emerging to reach new heights. Our team integrates innovation and enthusiasm to work for your success!

Bhavesh Goswami

Bhavesh Goswami

Founder, CEO

“As the founder of Cubic Digital, I strive to lead the digital ecosystem of the organisation. I retain 15+ years of experience in providing businesses around the globe with potent digital marketing services. With a passion to accomplish 360-degree growth, I strive to work towards real-time data and insights to offer our clients ultimate online success.

With a vision to thrive and a passion for uplifting my team of ignited minds, I aim to adopt contemporary market trends to scale up our client’s businesses to phenomenal heights. Moreover, as a prime mover, I’ don't look for the best players; I look for the right ones. And I’m pleased that I have built my empire of the right people who will further cherish the growth of my organization”.

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Our Team

Meet our Digital Marketing Team

Mayuri Jadhav

11+ Years of Experience
“I may appear strict, but it is just because I am meticulous and, most importantly, punctual about my work with a problem-solving attitude. Managing my genius team makes me feel poised. Other than this, I also love exploring new food joints. I’m a big foodie and a moody.”
Pranay Koshti
Team Leader

7+ Years of Experience
“I don’t follow titles, I follow courage. I’m auspiciously determined in leading my squad of creative heads. I believe my best skill is my hungriness of learning new things and visualizing new perspectives.”
Krunal Koshti
Sr. Digital Marketer

5.5+ Years of Experience
“I try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of values and I’m overwhelmed with the quality of being honest and humble. I aim to unleash the power of the internet through my digital marketing skills. Furthermore, I’m a Melophile and a cricket aficionado.”
Darshan Jadav

2+ Years of Experience
“The whole world opened to me when I learned to read. That skill also helped me in grasping SEO tactics and employing them with my knowledge to offer optimized results to our clients. Apart from that, I’m a Fanfiction creator as I call myself a timeless Marvelite.”
Hardik Panchal

1.5+ Years of Experience
“Being a Potter Head, I embrace those dynamic ideologies to convey determining approaches. I leverage my critical thinking & analytical skills to offer proven results. It's not my ability that makes me who I am, it's my choices.

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