A lot of businesses operate fully online in the modern world. To ensure that they stay afloat they need to ensure that their business website has a conversion rate. This conversion rate depends on two factors, namely the quality of a website and its ranking in search results.

Whenever someone looks for businesses online, a person is likely to search using products or services he/she is looking for. This is where the Significance of having good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shines.

SEO determines how well a website is optimized to be ranked on the search engine. Search engine optimization considers various criteria to prepare a website to get enlisted in the search engine results. It has become so much important over the years that people have started offering dedicated SEO services to businesses present in the market.

SEO Specialists make use of SEO tools to help businesses rank better on the search engine results. However, not every tool out in the market is easily accessible. This is because some SEO tools are free and some tools require people to purchase a license fee to make use of their services now and then.

Fortunately, Free SEO tools are still quite powerful for everyday needs. Despite their free-to-use nature, they help SEO service providers achieve different goals like higher ranks, better reputation, boosted sales numbers, improved conversions, etc. for their clients.

However, not all that comes free is useful. People looking for such tools must be aware that some tools are just marketed well and end up being junk when used. With that in mind, here are some top Free SEO tools that must look forward to:

MozBar Extension:

MozBar is a one-of-a-kind SEO tool. This free SEO tool is offered in the form of a chrome extension. Just like any other chrome extension, it can be downloaded from the chrome web store and be directly installed into the web browser. Such an active integration allows MozBar to fetch link metrics and perform all SEO tasks seamlessly.

Mozbar Chrome Extension

MozBar makes use of pages and their corresponding domains to display link metrics. This happens as an SEO specialist conducts in-depth research to derive complex information like the total number of backlinks, Authority of the domain, and page authority. MozBar also offers easy management by allowing to highlight page links based on their type and gain insight about meta tags used for description. Additionally, one can also visit the settings pane to customize MozBar metrics and view configurations like themes, metric toggle switch, and logged account.

MozBar also allows SEO specialists to build custom search profiles by specifying criteria like region, country, and city within the limits of a search engine. Once created, custom profiles help customers see information like SERP results from a specific country, personalized or non-personalized results. Analysts also get the choice of exporting SERP statistics to a CSV file using the page icon situated on the top left corner of MozBar.

To add MozBar extension on Google Chrome click here: MozBar Chrome Extension - Download

Screaming Frog SEO spider

Screaming Frog’s SEO spider tool is also a free SEO utility that helps businesses improve their onsite SEO. Being offered as a website crawler, it makes use of data fetching and analysis techniques to extract data and auditing basic SEO-related website issues.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming frog’s crawling mechanism allows checking the internal linking structure of a site by making use of force-directed diagrams and tree-graph visualizations. It also allows to quickly scan a website and discover broken links and server errors. The spider tool automatically makes a note of Meta Title and Meta Descriptions present on the webpage and further inspects their length and duplication across a website.

Screaming Frog’s SEO tool also makes use of md5 algorithmic checking utility to find precisely duplicate URLs as well as several partly elements such as descriptions, titles, headings, and low content pages.

Analysts can also make use of the Screaming Frog SEO tool to generate Image XML sitemaps and XML sitemaps in a matter of seconds. One can also do advanced configurations like last modified, priority, URL inclusion, and frequency before the sitemaps are generated. The Free version of Screaming Frog offers all these services but has capped its limit to a maximum of 500 URLs.

To download Screaming Frog SEO Spider click here: Screaming From SEO Spider


Siteliner is a web crawler that is designed to address various SEO improvisation processes. Being offered as a free service, it mainly focuses on detecting internal duplicate content. Once an analyst enters a domain name; Siteliner begins exploring a website and performs a deep scan of the site by tracing its path through internal links. Siteliner’s exploring nature allows it to generate a live report as it analyses content across a website.

Siteliner Site Explorer

A website's content makes or breaks its reputation. Moreover, the presence of duplicate content across a website can greatly harm its ranking in search results. Siteliner checks content declares it has been duplicated by highlighting it significantly. While crawling, Siteliner’s utility also determines search emphasized pages based on link maps and patterns connected over webpages. Such link traveling also enables Siteliner to detect any kind of broken links as it moves from one page to another page on the website.

While scrawling, analyzing, and generating content reports across a website, Siteliner’s web crawling tool also generates a basic XML sitemap along with a detailed report that offers a comprehensive report about each page. All these services are offered free by Siteliner. These services are capped to a monthly limit of 250 pages per site.

Click Siteliner to explore your website.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools is one of the oldest free SEO utilities to existing in the present market. Its services, reports, and tools allow SEO specialists, analysts, developers as well as designers to improvise a website performance. All of this is made possible by metrics like Search traffic and issue fixing that allows businesses to rank their websites high in search results.

Google Search Console

It offers deeper integration with the Google Search Engine and allows users to discover queries, impressions, click rates, and index listing. It also features a dedicated crawling utility that allows people to submit their unique sitemaps and specific URLs for speedy indexing of their website. This, in turn, allows people to review the most recent index coverage of a corresponding site. Google even sends emails about potential website issues to a user’s email upon the completion of scanning. Google Search Console also features a dedicated URL inspection tool that enables analysts with information like index, detailed crawl, as well as serving information straight away from google’s index.

Search console also offers a set of site enhancing features. These include page tracking that allows to inspect and track AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) pages, reports for improving a website’s mobile usability, and utilities to improve rich results like jobs, movies, personalities, locations, and any other structured data that appears in the search results.

To add your website click here: Google Search Console

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an SEO tool focused on offering keyword-related services. It helps anyone discover relevant keywords for corresponding search networking activities. It requires a Google account for people to get started with the free services of this tool. This tool is a part of the Google Ads Platform.

Google Adword Keyword Planner

Once SEO analysts get access to Google Keyword Planner, it helps conduct keyword-focused research for their clients. Analysts can discover business-specific keywords. Each and every keyword which is shown in the keyword planner is demonstrated with a brief set of statistics. These statistics include information like frequency of searches per month, historical metrics as well as a forecasted prediction for keywords.

Click the link to start keyword research: Google Keyword Planner

These are the top 5 free SEO tools to be on the lookout for. While none of these tools offer all-in-one SEO solutions most people are looking for, each of them offers a compelling set of features and specializes in one way or the other. These tools can be a great medium for beginner SEO analysts to test their skills and help improve website listings for their clients.