PPC Case Study - Conversion Rate Boosted by 666.67% in 2 Months

About the Company:

The Company is a foremost brand based in Australia. The company offers a spectrum of advanced bedwetting alarms. With a core pursuit of curing children’s bedwetting, the company specializes in offering supreme support and recommendation to parents searching for bedwetting cure solutions for their kids.


250.62 clicks
38.73 CTR
152.73 Impression
54.42 CPC
666.67 Conversions

The Objective:

The client is a Digital Marketing Company and they were looking for a reliable expert who offers white-labeled SEO Services; they approached Cubic Digital in August 2019 with the following objectives:

  • Efficient Campaign Management
  • Boost total conversions through strategic PPC campaigns
  • Generate more potential leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Enhance Quality Score
The Objective:

Our Approach:

Before strategizing an efficacious solution to meet the company’s objective, our team conducted comprehensive market research, competitor research, and keyword research. Alongside comprehending their business and target audience, we ensured appropriate campaign management. After that, upon close communication with the company, we strategized an approach oriented on;

  • Deep Analysis of Existing Campaign
  • Performed existing campaign’s deep analysis and found few issues needed to get rectified. But instead, our team decided to structure a new campaign.

  • Structuring New Campaign
  • We themed a new campaign focusing on all the money making services delivered by the company and discovered relevant keywords by performing an extensive keyword research and wrote creative ad copy that attract users.

  • Campaign Optimization
  • We optimized the campaign on numerous levels by adjusting keyword bids, analyzing search terms, ad copies, and more.

  • Structuring the Adword Landing Page
  • Upon analyzing the company’s Adword landing page, we found numerous issues required to be fixed like CTA, content, etc. Therefore, we changed layout of the page in order to enrich the Quality Score.

  • Ad Scheduling
  • Our team executed day parting to expend budget throughout the performing hours and controlled the expended budget during the time not delivering any performance.

  • Ad Extension
  • To enhance the viewer engagement and offer specifics about the company to the prospective leads to upsurge the CTR, enhance Quality Score, and make ads interactive, we added Ad extensions like callout, site link, CTA, and structured snippets.

  • Ad Rank
  • To improve the Ad ranking, we optimized the Adwords landing page wherein we modified Meta Tags and Heading Tags (H1, H2…), optimized content and image, etc. We also retained ad relevancy, adjusted bid, and added relevant ad extensions.

  • Campaign Enhancement
  • According to our proven strategy, our professional PPC team kept a close eye on the entire campaign performance on the regular basis to take the prospect of adding new keywords. After performing search terms analysis, we added negative keywords from which we didn’t want click and paused the keywords which were not performing efficiently. Moreover according to search terms analysis, we modified match types of some keywords. Monthly re-optimization assisted the company in obtaining quality conversions by lowering cost per conversion.

The chief KPIs we tracked includes, conversion, conversion rate, CTR, cost per conversion and clicks. As per these metrics, our professional team worked towards the efficient success of the company by using Google Ads.

Our Approach:


  • Owing to our schematic PPC strategy, their conversion increased from 3 in July 2019 to 14 in August 2019. After re-optimizing the campaign in September 2019, the company obtained 20 conversions. After further PPC re-optimization in October 2019, the company received 34 conversions. And this way conversions kept on rising every month, thus leading to a monumental upsurge in conversion rate by 666.67% within 2 months
  • The number of clicks augmented by 250.62%
  • The CTR boosted by 38.73%
  • The Impression escalated by 152.73%
  • The CPC decreased by 54.42%

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