SEO or search engine optimization is a fruitful way to promote your business visibility on location-based searches. Ranking highly for search terms that is called keywords and phrases which increases the visibility of a website and leads to a higher number of visitors to your site.

Today’s marketers and business owners know that SEO is a censorious factor for driving website traffic. If your website is not optimized properly then it really gets challenging for you to attract organic traffic. Other than increasing traffic on your site, there are many benefits of SEO such as building brand awareness between people, better conversion rate, bypass competition, and many others.

SEO evidently improves a search ability and visibility of the whole website but to fully illustrate its importance, let’s go over a few of the reason why your website has to be properly SEO optimized website.


Building a brand is considered the most common and necessary marketing strategy, whereas SEO falls into the digital category. As to build a brand it requires two factors that are what you provide and what others say about it.

When it comes to the point that “What you provide?” you need to create content that completes the audience’s needs and interests. Here in this, SEO selects proper keywords and creates content that completes audience need and gives an image to your brand that you want to have.

Then, your online presence will reflect your ideal branding and helps you reach your targeted customer.


If a user is unfamiliar with your business and is looking for one of your product or service, they probably use search engines to find your service or product and when they visit your website via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. it’s called organic traffic.

Organic search is an important part of the most business’s performance or getting organic users traffic to complete a conversion or engagement. As almost all marketers know that, Google owns a large portion of the search market compared to other search engines like Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and many more.

It’s just that Google owns about 75% of the overall search market thus its guidelines are important to follow but the remaining 25% of the market owned by other engines is valuable to the brand too. We know that the majority of the people who have access to the internet are visiting Google at least once a day. As being highly trusted and visible resource by Google and other search engine is always going to work in favor of brand.

Thus Quality SEO and high-quality website take the brand on the top of your search list which gives you organic traffic on your website.


A great user experience is a significant ranking factor. Now, the search engines want to see a mobile-friendly design, good user gestures like taking more time on site, low bounce rates, etc, and good integration of videos and photos.

These all elements are very important for providing a good experience for your visitors and by optimizing your site for SEO; you are automatically improving your user experience. Great user experience means higher conversion rates, increase in brand loyalty and increase in trust.


To make the website clean, user-friendly, and easily discoverable it is really important to built trust and credibility of the brand and improvises its digital properties. Many elements establish authority regarding search engines like Google. It’s impossible to build trust and credibility overnight. For this authority is earned and built over time. It takes a lot of patience, effort, and commitment to establish a brand as an authority but it depends on quality product or service that allows the customer to build trust.


If you are running a local business then optimizing your site for local search is a really crucial job to do. There is more number of people who are using local search queries to find local businesses like to find location, directions, opening hours, etc.

According to the results of Google, 50% of consumers who performed a local search on their cell phones or devices visited the store or that location on the same day. So, it is really important to optimize your site for the local search.


Social media and email marketing are a highly effective way to generate leads, but it requires continuous efforts to remain on top. To remain on the top of the mind of your customer, you have to keep pushing yourself to aware them with all the updates and bring them new content every day or every alternate day.

When the page is SEO Optimized you can sit back and relax because it helps to climb the rankings on its own merit. This depends on some factors that are keywords, competitiveness, and quality of the content of a page, among other competitors. But once you lay the foundation of proper SEO Optimization for any site, most of your hard work is already done.


The advantage of SEO is that you don’t need to pay for ad space. The way ad campaigns operate is very traditional.

You decide the location where you want your brand to appear, whether it can be on TV, radio station, on the page of the magazine or newspaper, etc. It can be any platform.

After that, you have to pay the company that owns the media for placements. As the ad runs for a particular length of time and then as soon as the period is up, the ad stops appearing- and stops giving results for your business. Now there are many pages that appear in search engine results which shows a small “Ad” tag. That small tag is pay-per-click, or PPC ad.

In this, advertise only pays when a user clicks on ad and visits the site. Here every visitor involves the cost and the time when to advertise stops their campaign, they stop showing up in search results. But the sites that are appearing in the organic results below those ad’s, aren’t paying at all for those ranking. As we can see that those sites are earning without spending money.


The biggest advantage of SEO is that you can measure each and every aspect of your results easily. Not like traditional methods that often rely on looking for the relation between ad space and sales, it’s really easy to see the results you are getting from your SEO investment.

To monitor your traffic, conversions, and metric that matters to your business, you can use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. By this, you can precisely evaluate what’s working- and what isn’t which can help you reach your goal easily.


In the early days, the only way to access a search engine was on a desktop computer. Today almost all users browse on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Now it totally makes sense that Google would take steps to prioritize pages that are accessible on mobile devices.

Google has always indexed the page ranked based on how they appear on the desktop. This means that results reflected the best page for desktop computer users- which made sense when the majority of the audiences were made up on a desktop. But after that, if any of the sites performed poorly on mobile, they’d be providing a poor user experience for smartphone users.

So, after this observation Google reversed the process, to keep up with the increasing number of users accessing online content on smartphones and other devices. After taking this step they started to rank the page based on the best result for the mobile user. Which means that, if the site doesn’t work properly on mobile, then its ranking will suffer in desktop results and mobile results too.


Enhancing a site is a very flinty and challenging process. It takes a lot of time and patience to achieve the results you want with SEO. But if you’re willing to invest your time, money, and resources, you can carry the best results out of everything with a well-planned strategy, and the results you will get after that will be satisfactory and entirely worth it. This will help you boost your business in many ways like it will help you attract more traffic, boost your credibility and improve online visibility with an advantage that there will be no need to spend a cent on ad space.

SEO is the best way to improve the overall experience your targeted audience has with your brand. When you create content that is satisfactory to the users need and make it more user-friendly, it gets really easy to attract the audience on your site. When it comes to enhancing your site, it is really easy to monitor and measure the results of your site which means that you will don’t need to worry about allocating your digital market budget effectively.

So, now the answer is clear that why you need search engine optimization to reach your marketing goals.

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